Apa Care Professional


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Manufactured by Cumdente GmbH, Germany

Paste for polishing the teeth surface, 50ml.
Medical product with hydroxyapatite (liquid teeth enamel).

Only for professional application!

Contains 8% hydroxyapatite and fluoride 1380ppm.

Apa Care Professional is a universal paste for cleaning and polishing the teeth with a medium particle size. Apa Care Professional is enriched with medical hydroxyapatite (nHAP), which is deposited on the teeth surface during the polishing process. The ultrafine particles (nanocrystals) of the hydroxyapatite crystals clean, maintain and smooth the teeth surface. Apa Care Professional is a high quality universal cleaning and polishing paste for professional cleaning of the teeth in dental practices, based on medical hydroxyapatite. It contains fluoride. The stains and plaque are effectively removed, after the procedure the patients have a pleasant feeling of smooth and polished surface of the teeth. For smoothing the teeth surfaces, including surfaces with obturation.

Supports the remineralization of the tooth enamel.
To be used only in dental practices!

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