The photo-activated (photosensitive) therapy is a light-induced destruction of cells, microorganisms and germs, by a combination of a photosensitive agent and light.
Absolutely affordable and safe solution to the persistent and incurable with drugs infections: bacterial, fungal, viral.
An alternative to antibiotic therapies.
Efficient with patients resistant to drugs.
Applicable for places where mechanical treatment is impossible.

Photo-activated Therapy PACT®


The photosensitive therapy PACT® is currently applicable in three professional areas:

Photosensitive therapy PACT® is a patented therapy.
Author and owner of the patent: Cumdente, Germany
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Perio Gel


Regenerative root conditioner, 1ml


Perio Gel stimulates the adhesion of the connective tissue (collagen adsorption) and stimulates the periodontal regeneration: periodontium and alveolar bone.

Perio Gel helps the adsorption of plasma proteins on the root surface.


After completing the mechanical cleaning (debridement) Gel Perio is applied on the surface of the roots to release collagen fibrils in the root dentin.

Do not rinse.

20% citric acid.

Manufactured by Cumdente GmbH, Germany.
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Apa Care Proffesional

The medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel) is deposited on the teeth in the process of usage of the products while filling the bumps.

Apa Care visibly smoothens the teeth’s surface, remineralizes and removes initial caries. The teeth recover their natural whiteness.
Apa Care impregnates the pores, lightens the tooth surface and prevents the formation of new bacterial plaque.



T-Scan®, a product of Tekscan DENTAL

Raising the bar in dental care by revealing occlusal dynamics
Tekscan is the creator and innovator of T-Scan®, dentistry’s only clinically recognized and research-validated digital occlusion analysis system. T-Scan® provides dynamic occlusal measurement – revealing the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite – bringing articulating paper marks to life. With T-Scan®, you can visualize and treat destructive forces before they become a problem, yielding better patient outcomes. An objective assessment aid, T-Scan® enhances patient education, satisfaction, and retention, reduces non-compensated repeat visits and remakes, and enables a more confident, proactive approach to patient care.
T-Scan® brings paper marks to life, revealing real-time bite force dynamics
Articulating paper shows where contact is made, but not when and with how much force. T-Scan® is the only technology that shows the measured force and the timing of occlusal surfaces coming together. A frame-by-frame movie of occluding teeth allows clinicians to identify problematic contacts that could damage dental work or contribute to pain, sensitivity, and periodontal or TMD issues.
*94% of dentists struggle to pinpoint occlusion using articulating paper alone.

DIGITAL occlusal measurement


Finally: Solution
Use T-Scan® to:
Ensure implants aren’t loading early;
Protect crowns, bridges, and veneers from high forces;
Equilibrate occlusion for full mouth reconstruction;
Screen new patients for baseline occlusion;
Monitor occlusion throughout orthodontic treatment;
Balance orthotics and splints;
Diagnose TMD issues;
Prevent denture rocking.

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Manufactured by Tekscan Inc., USA.