Social responsibility

At Linea Trading Ltd. we believe that nature doesn’t need people, people need nature. All our practices and daily operations are guided by our desire to protect our environment. Optimization of supply routes, reuse of packaging and transport boxes, recycled paper and separate waste collection are part of our contribution to reducing emissions and protecting the environment.

Besides preservation of the environment, it is extremely important for us to protect human health. All the products we offer have passed the necessary clinical trials and are certified by the European Quality Standards. Before placing any product on the market, we check and inspect the capacity and the good manufacturing practices of our suppliers and partners. We guarantee to our customers and consumers that, if the directions for use are followed, the products that we provide are absolutely harmless to them. We boldly stand behind every promise we give regarding our products and the result is thousands of satisfied customers who continue to trust us every day.

In our company the humane behavior towards people and our moral responsibility, as part of the overall healthcare industry, are more important than business results. We guarantee to our customers that we do not encourage in any way the prescription and recommendation of our products by professionals for profit at the expense of their health.

We give you our word that any recommendation to you is the result of a genuine belief in the quality of the products and the confirmed results. We promise that your health will always be the first priority for us and we will never neglect it for profit.

We believe that the key to the long-term health is in everyone’s awareness of how to care for themselves. Many of the health problems we have today can be completely prevented. We live in a time of total informational chaos and, despite the accessibility of the information, it often goes undigested. Led by the idea that the healthy person is an educated person, we are pleased to share that Linea Trading Ltd has launched a new social initiative – “School for patients.”

“School for Patients” is our newest project with the ideal goal to preserve the health of as many people as possible through their education on how to take care of themselves.

Details coming soon.