Our Values

We love life. We believe that it is the highest value for humanity. Our work is our contribution towards the improvement of human life and health.

We love professionalism. We are convinced that the professionalism of our doctors, dentists and pharmacists, combined with the most successful scientific discoveries and practical developments, achieve results that “stick out” way above the average standard for medical services. We are working for these results.

We love partnership. “Together” is the word that helps us through all difficulties. We highly value the personal qualities and preferences of each of our partners and colleagues. We tolerate individuality because it is the foundation of success.

We love science. The world does not just develop, it races with time. The scientific advances are part of the daily practice of the successful professionals. We have the honor to provide though a fraction of the world’s scientific breakthroughs in medicine and dentistry in benefit of the Bulgarian doctors and patients.

We love quality. We believe that the Bulgarian patients are entitled to receive products with impeccable quality, delivered by manufacturers, who are highly respected in the medical field. We do that. We work with the best manufacturers whose names are globally recognized. We do not settle for less.

We love integrity. No competition is worth it if the rules of the fare game are broken. The compliance with the ethical standards in our work with the medical and pharmaceutical professionals is an absolute law for us.