Our team

The people who work with us, together with our values, are our greatest asset. Every innovation, every product, every contribution to human health that we make is the result of the work of our team. We value the diversity and individuality of each of our employees. We realize the differences between people, we do not judge them because we believe that these differences contribute to our relationship with the world, with our customers and partners, with our society.

Linea Trading Ltd. is a family company and the family and personal values lie at the heart of our corporate culture. Each of our employees becomes a part of our extended family and our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable in the workplace. The investment in our human resource and its development is our sure path to success.

Meet our family:

Magdalena Micheva
Managing Director
E-mail: magdalena.micheva@linea.bg
Phone: +359 (0)2 443 9036

George Tzvetkov
Trade Manager
E-mail: g.tzvetkov@linea.bg
Mobile: +359 (0)882 807 285

Tamara Dimitrova
Sales Representative
E-mail: tamara.dimitrova@linea.bg
Mobile: +359 (0)893 051 952

Dr. Irina Markova
Medical Sales Representative
E-mail: irina.markova@linea.bg
Mobile: +359 (0)884 590 008

Bilyana Lafleur
Business Development and Marketing Manager
E-mail: bilyana.lafleur@linea.bg
Mobile: +359 (0)885 005 401

Kaloyan Nikolov
Marketing Expert
E-mail: kaloyan.nikolov@linea.bg
Mobile: +359 (0)893 051 940

Boryana Todorova
Office Administrator
E-mail: boryana.todorova@linea.bg
Mobile: +359 (0)887 540 008

Nikolay Delchev
Delivery and Logistics, Sofia region
Mobile: +359 (0)886 540 003